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STYLE ROOM-June 2011

by Brett Johnson



I always look first at tradition and how it fits into modern life. I listen, observe, and take inventory of the needs of any room. In a guest bath, this is especially important. Anyone who has a home in Maine understands the draw of friends and relatives visiting. It is important with this constant flow of visitors to offer all the amenities they need without them having to ask. For this guest bath, I took classic elements and blended them together with the needs of modern life, convenience, and comfort. Each guest has a place to leave their personal items and plenty of space to tuck things away. I always remind myself that in spaces like this, form follows function and that outrageous excessiveness is unnecessary. The selection of the simple materials calls for durability, clean-ability, comfort, and function—it must stand up to daily use. The faucets are elegant and easy to use, the sink offers ample space for personal items, the towels are luxurious and ample, and there is plenty of storage and convenient places to hang towels. The window treatments offer plenty of privacy and are easy to use.

Brett Johnson
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Vintage Reproduction Sconce
Nostalgia Lighting

Brilliant Blossom Knobs


Infused Fabric, Tissue Box & Waste Basket
Maine Street Mercantile & Mfg. Co.

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Tile & Floor Covering Center

Yellow Orchid Giclee Print ML
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