The Ultimate Entertainment Space

Jeff Binette of SmartHome Solutions in Kennebunk creates a cozy hangout room for family and friends

“This space is something I’ve always wanted to have for my family. It’s an entertainment area that does everything: it’s got a bar, a pool table, a place to play poker, a full bath, and a home theater room. My wife, Cassandra, and I designed it, and Thomas and Lord built it. We used a lot of reclaimed wood and old beams, which we procured from the Old House Parts Company in Kennebunk when they dismantled a barn. To see that wood, knowing that the barn was put together by hand in the early 1800s, it means something to me that I’m giving new life to it. We also did a barn board door underneath the stairs, where we have shelving to keep board games.

The bar has two taps. Right now, I’ve got Allagash White, which is my staple, and Kennebunkport Brewing Company’s Winnow Hill Brown, which uses hops from one of my friend’s farms. We use the space a lot: we entertain for football games on Sundays and, of course, do Super Bowl parties, and then our family does movie nights, usually on Friday or Saturday night.

Since I’m the owner of SmartHome Solutions, I wanted to have a space where, if a customer wants to see something we’ve done, I can take them down there. We use really high-end products to deliver cinema quality that you get when you go to a movie theater, but in your own private residence. There’s a JVC 4K projector, which is a high-definition projector, and a transparent screen, so the sound is actually behind the screen—that way you don’t see the speakers. There’s something about being home and getting that level of sound and video experience. It’s very family friendly for us to use. We have three kids, and we enjoy that time: everyone’s snuggled up in the tiered seating, and the kids are so excited to relax and wind down at the end of the week. Know what our biggest problem is now? Deciding what movie we’re going to watch.”
—Jeff Binette, owner of SmartHome Solutions