Tailor-made Tile

A family vacation home in Scarborough offers a tub for every traveler


“The inspiration for this bathroom started with the floor tile. It’s a very large space, with high ceilings and big, sliding barn doors. I wanted to make it feel a bit smaller somehow. The tile pattern, which we sourced from Distinctive Tile and which has an old-style feel but with a twist, is made by putting four pieces of tile together. In order to do that, to get the pattern to look the way it does, you need a large space anyway.

“I really wanted a black and white theme. When you’ve got such a busy floor, everything else around it has got to be really simple, which is why I used the white tile on the walls and balanced it out with the darker grout color. The back of the shower niche, which you can’t see in this photo, is actually the same tile as the floor, and the shower floor tile is black. What you see here is a reflection.

“The architect, Mike Richman, is the one who drew out the plans for the home. The tub was always going to be there, the shower was always going to be there. We just filled in the blanks. The homeowner really wanted an egg-shaped tub, and I thought that, with the modern look of the bathroom, this particular tub, which is from Ferguson, would look great.

“The only other thing the homeowner requested was that she wanted every bathroom in the house to be different. Whether the finishes, fixtures, or the space itself, she wanted each one—and there are six in this home—to look completely unique. “The family has roots in Maine, and they love being here together. The reason this house was built was so that they could share it. Someone is always here.”

—Annie Kiladjian, owner of Annie K Designs

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