The Blue Hill Fine Craft Show




SHOWCASE-June 2011

by Rebecca Falzano 

At the height of summer, in the beautiful, arts-rich village of Blue Hill, the third annual Blue Hill Fine Craft Show will highlight the work of 45 of Maine’s talented craftspeople.

The show, organized by lighting craftsman Stuart Loten, is a purely invitational showcase—one of the few of its kind in Maine. Most of the participants are nationally recognized; some have shown at the most prestigious shows in the country, including the Smithsonian Craft Show and the Philadelphia Museum Craft Show. 

Loten started the show three years ago to highlight the work of craftspeople like himself. “Finding a place to do it was difficult. Then I saw the Blue Hill peninsula—I don’t know if there’s any other place in Maine with a higher concentration of artists and craftsmen.” The show is held during the summer to maximize attendance by visitors to the peninsula.

When it came time to organize the show, Loten turned to his own craft for inspiration. “As a lighting craftsman, I approached the design of the show as I would an individual lamp, taking individual, unique elements and arranging them to make a single work of art. I applied this same design concept to the show by inviting certain craftsmen for their quality and diversity, then blending their unique talents to create a single work of art,the show itself.” 

The depth of the show comes from the diversity of disciplines represented by the pieces—from the handcrafted felt shoes of Sandy Spiller to the beautifully made furniture of Jeff Lind Fine Woodworking. In addition to clothing and furniture, visitors will find home accessories, blown glass, tiles, lamps, woven carpets, pottery, jewelry, and wood carvings.

The third annual blue hill fine craft show ill be held July 23-34 at the Blue Hill Consolidated School. For more information, visit



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