Q+A with Midcoast Show Sponsor Solaris




What is your business all about? How did you get started?

Our business helps Maine businesses and families cut their fuel bills and reduce their impact on the environment.

The owners started the business in 2006 when they were unable to find anyone they were comfortable with to install a solar system in their home.


Why Maine? What about Maine inspires your business?

Taxes, bureaucracy and low population density create obstacles for Maine businesses. The reason we operate our business here is simple.  It is the place we choose to live because of the overall quality of life we want for our families.  The endless outdoor activities, the beauty of the four seasons, the safe neighborhoods all give us the balance we need to our challenging work responsibilities. 


Tell us about a standout project of yours…or, about your dream project.

One of our ideal projects was installed last fall.  Like many Mainers this family also has a business on the property where they built their beautiful new home.  The building is well insulated, properly constructed, and heated with a radiant floor system.  A 180 tube solar thermal system allows the sun’s free energy to provide the majority of the heating and hot water needs for the home, apartments, and hair salon.  In the summer the excess energy is used to heat the pool.   One dream of ours is to have every new home built, “solar ready”, and with radiant floor heating.


Who is your ideal customer?GUS_wind_turbine_picture

Our ideal customer is anyone that wants to consider options that will reduce their impact on the environment.  Most of our clients buy our products because in the long run they are more cost effective than burning fossil fuels or wood.   We are especially excited when projects are unusual or demanding.


What are the distinguishing characteristics of your business that set you apart from others in your field?

Many businesses are jumping into solar because of the promise of profits.  Every person on our staff got into solar because they personally believe in it.  We have the experience and expertise to save you money by installing systems that work with your existing equipment, not just sell you a one size fits all prepackage setup.  What really sets us apart is that we understand all the technology details, recommend the product that is site appropriate, and we install it correctly to insure the buyer is satisfied for many years.  Our goal is to help you reduce your fuel bills and your impact on the environment.  We offer everything from energy audits, weatherization, insulation, high efficiency heating equipment to solar energy and wind systems.   We also understand that consumers need education.  We are happy to answer questions over the phone and offer free classes.  When we send a tech to do a site review he will take a comprehensive view to help you determine the most cost effective way to reduce your fuel usage.


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