Juniper Design+Build

Hi. We’re Juniper Design + Build. We create really special homes: beautiful, sustainable, and indelibly yours. To us, that’s what home is all about. We’re majority women-owned, and based in Portland, Maine.

We collaborate with you to craft a home that reflects your unique vision, is easy to live in, and is so beautiful it just makes you happy. Great design is baked right in to our company DNA: our AIA award-winning Design Director is a co-founder of the firm.

Reducing carbon footprint is a big priority for us, from maximizing energy efficiency to using low-carbon materials. It also means we sweat the details that make houses last longer. We’re constructing an environmental legacy we’re proud of.

Building a home is a really big deal — we get it. It’s a journey we’ve taken many times, and we’d love to do it with you. If you have questions, let us know. We’d love to talk.


2 Island Avenue
Portland, ME

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