Timeless, Multitasking Kitchen

PROFILE-The Interior Design Issue, February 2012

DESIGNER: Linda Anne Banks, ASID
Banks Design Associates, LTD | SIMPLY HOME

Photography Trent Bell

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This Space, This Way:

Linda Banks has some signature design moves in her arsenal—especially when it comes to kitchens. In this particular space, her goal was to create a clean, timeless, handmade-in-Maine kitchen.

An adjacent large walk-in pantry picks up the slack, since the objective was to have as few upper cabinets as possible and ample counter space for an active family. The island serves as a project table, baking center, homework station, and buffet for entertaining.

“In every kitchen I do, the perimeter becomes the backdrop for the cooking and cleaning up—each a separate station, organized symmetrically around the stove or the sink. Dry goods are stored to the left of the stove, and all daily dishes are stored to the right. Preparation always occurs on the island. Wooden cabinet construction, minimal hardware, flush drawer heads, and an old-fashioned painted finish in off-white create a calm, uncluttered spirit. The water views from the sink are easily enjoyed from our signature windowsills that go right to the counter. I always like to include a ‘hamburger door’ that leads right out to a grill on the patio.”

Signature Style:

“A kitchen is a mini architecture project masquerading as an interior design dilemma and requires a little decorating as well! With all of my kitchen designs, I steer clear of gimmicks—no appliance garages, tilt-a-whirl pullouts, or topsy-turvy spinners. My approach is ‘less is more.’ A walk-in closet for the extras is ideal. I aspire to timeless, classic simplicity. My goal is as few cabinets as possible, with as much function as possible. A clutter-free home is a clutter-free mind.”

Trick of the Trade:

“I create symmetry in all my kitchen designs, one wall at a time. One of my signature trademarks in every kitchen is twin cabinets. They can be full height or above the counter. They usually frame the stove or the sink. I have done some in glass or chicken-wire panels, others with tall shutters—even mirrored French doors. They always match and define the beginning and end of each wall. Simple and straightforward. In this kitchen, I chose glass on three sides to create a light and airy transparency around the sink.”

The Goods

Architecture: Banks Design Associates, LTD, banksdesignassociates.com
Kitchen cabinet fabrication: Tidewater Millwork, tidewatermillwork.com
Work table: Glenwood Cabinets at Indisco, indisco.com
Construction: Rainbow Construction, rainbowconstructioninc.com
Stainless hood: Venta-hood, ventahood.com
Range: Viking, vikingrange.com
Custom-designed windows: by Banks Design Associates, LTD, made by Marvin Windows & Doors, marvin.com
Jim stools at worktable: by Scott Laughton & James Bruer, available at Offi, offi.com
Acquatinta pendant lights: Michele de Lucchi at Y Lighting, ylighting.com

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