Who Invented This?

  • Written by Anne Ameri-Siemens
  • Illustrated by Becky Thorns
  • Published by Little Gestalten
  • Ages 9 and up
  • Price $24.95

Marking her children’s literature debut, German author Anne Ameri-Siemens uses her experience as a journalist to tell the true stories of the people behind the ubiquitous items that surround us, from 16-year-old Louis Braille’s idea of using dots to create a form of writing that blind people could read with their fingers, to Ada Lovelace, the “world’s first computer programmer,” to Momofuku Andō, who was inspired to invented instant noodles after seeing people in post-WWII Osaka line up for food after their homes had been destroyed by bombs. With whimsical illustrations by Becky Thorns, whose first Little Gestalten book The World of Whales was shortlisted for the Association of Illustrators’ World Illustration Awards 2020, Who Invented This? is filled with fascinating, often-little known information for both children and parents alike.