This Is Still Not A Book

  • Written by Jean Jullien
  • Published by Phaidon
  • Ages 2-4
  • Price $16.95

Graphic artist Jean Jullien published This Is Not A Book in 2016, which was hailed as one of the cleverest books for children that year. In this follow up board book, This Is Still Not A Book, Jullien delivers a playfully deceptive tale designed to challenge young readers to think creatively about objects in their daily lives. Its inventive page design inspires kids to play and question what lies between two covers by transforming its pages into a foldable shirt, a flip phone, a mouth wide open, a game of tug-of-war, and much more. Every time your child turns the page and orientation, they discover new surprises. This sturdy book celebrates imagination, creativity, and play!