Leonardo Pop-Ups

  • Written by Courtney Watson McCarthy
  • Published by Thames and Hudson
  • Ages 5 and up
  • Price $34.95

What’s better than learning about one of the best designers in the world than through a pop-up book. Paper engineer Courtney Watson McCarthy (Gaudí Pop-Ups, Dalí Pop-Ups) offers a variety of pop-ups showcasing Leonardo da Vinci’s many talents.

“Today, da Vinci is among the few historical figures whose names are universally recognized,” writes Watson McCarthy in her introduction. “The Mona Lisa is undoubtedly the most famous painting in the world, with The Last Supper a close second. Neglected for centuries, the sketches, diagrams, and prescient ideas in his notebooks provoke awe for the eyes that saw so deeply and in such detail; for his exhilarating mind that could leap from mystery to mystery and unravel every one using only the powers of observation and intellect. This book is intended as a fun and engaging tribute to that great mind.”Illustrations and pop-ups include: The Vitruvian Man, The Annunciation, the ornithopter, Da Vinci’s self-portrait, as well as an overview of his architectural designs. The book also features explanatory text and complementary quotes, culminating in a beautiful new way of looking into one of the greatest minds of all time.