Keeping it Simple at Swans Island Company

At Swans Island Company we keep it simple: fleece from sheep, hands in the dye pot, hands on the loom, hands guiding needle and thread. In fact, it’s hard to do simple. Simple is an unwavering commitment to high-quality natural fibers, to dedicated Swans Island artisans, to modern heirlooms for home and body that look great and last forever. We embrace the simple act of making the highest quality goods, which we’ve done here in the U.S. for 30 years and counting.

We are makers at heart

Many of our products are made on the coast of Maine in our studio/workshop. We weave on handlooms. We hand dye colors in small batches. We transform the finest natural materials into something exquisite.

Farm to finish

Many of our fibers are sourced from family-owned U.S. farms. We spin our yarns at artisan run mills. We partner with other small makers to create sustainable, transparently sourced products that our customers feel good about supporting.

Our passion for product

We make exquisite bed blankets, throw blankets, baby blankets, and pillows for your home. We make soft subtle items to wrap your body in. We make bags to carry your things in, and we make yarn for you to make all of this yourself, if you want.

A commitment to sustainability

Many of our “extras” are up-cycled into new products. Scraps from the loom become sachets. Excess woven material transforms into a Boho Bag. When you are a maker, every piece of material has a potential afterlife.

Our story

We were born on Swans Island, Maine, in the Acadia Park region 30 years ago. Inspired by a few blankets that had been in the family for generations, we sought to replicate their craftsmanship, authenticity, and durability. We continue to apply that same approach to every product that carries the Swans Island name.

New inspiration

Swans Island now offers linen bedding and duvets. U.S.-made from French linen, we offer sheets, cases, shams, duvet covers, and wool duvets. If you have never slept with linen, do so and sleep better. If you do sleep under linen, observe the soft comfort and quality of Swans Island linen and duvets.