Ask the Experts

This month’s expert is Mike Keegan, owner at Keegan Construction

Q. What makes Keegan Construction different from other builders?

A. We like to work with our customers daily. They have full access to all the documents, the specs, various options, and we build to their wants. They don’t have to be involved, but most of them hire us because they want to be involved.

Q. What does that look like?

A. For example, we work with a handful of designers, and I ask our clients to interview them first to ensure their tastes match. We like to get designers in earlier than later. They help select the paint colors that match the lighting in the room, help us create the interior design and trim work, furniture layouts, and electrical layout. It makes things go that much smoother.

Q. What do you think customers should know about how you work?

A. Clients must realize that we will not sacrifice quality or cut corners in order to complete the project by a specific date. We take pride in the work we do and make sure that everything, from outlets and cabinetry to trim and flooring, is exactly right. We have to be comfortable with the project that we are leaving behind as each home is part of our company story. We care about our clients and, in the end, our goal is to provide them with a home that exceeds their expectation.

Q. How far in advance would you suggest new clients reach out?

A. Realistically, it will take a few months between first discussions and breaking ground on a project. When the house plans have been finalized, we move to permitting and estimates. Once we have a permit in hand we can start building the schedule and create a timeline for the build. Reaching out early in the process is always beneficial; however, we welcome clients to connect with us at any time and we will do our best to accommodate.

Q. What makes you especially proud of your team?

A. While I will always be proud of the quality of work that we do, I believe what sets us apart from others is the relationship we have with our clients. Building a custom home is a long and tedious process. It’s important that the clients are viewed as part of the team, and I feel we excel at that.