MH+D Inside Out: Adam Rosenbaum of CSI Builders on Defining Your Dream Home

CSI Builders has spent the last 23 years helping homeowners achieve their dream home. Rosenbaum sits down with Maine Home+Design to discuss his process of client consultation and the current trends in construction.

Q. How will building technology continue to change in the next ten years?

A. We already work with voice commands in the home, LED lighting, computer-controlled heating systems, and new solar technologies. People are also trying to figure out how to build a house with large components rather than small, individual pieces. Right now, you still have to lay one brick at a time, just like the Egyptians did; most homes have been framed in similar ways for the past few decades. We’re still in a guinea pig phase of modular construction. Because the technology is advancing all the time, there’s no industry standard yet for modular or component construction. That will likely change in the future.

Q. What else is changing in the industry?

A. The recession drove a lot of people towards the do-it-yourself movement. They would do a lot of projects themselves, like installing tile or building a deck. Since the economy has recovered, they’re realizing the value in hiring a professional to do the things they tried to do. I’m getting more calls now for smaller jobs.

Q. How do you help your clients choose a style for their home?

A. I get to know a person, and I look at the ideas they’ve collected. They might have cutouts from magazines or pictures on Pinterest, so I’ll use that to get a feel for their aesthetic. I’ll pick up often where architects and designers leave off. Architects or designers may not help them pick out faucets or a countertop, for example, and that’s where I’ll step in.

Q. What are some recent trends that you’ve noticed?

A. Efficient use of space is one; I’m trying to talk to people more about thinking of their homes like the inside of a boat to get more efficiency out of them. Walk-in pantries are also huge. The other trend that I see is wall textures, such as pine nickel-gap paneling on the walls.

Q. What’s the best advice you can give to a homeowner looking to build their dream home?

A. I would ask them to define what their dream home is, what works for them in their current home, and what doesn’t. That’s a good place to start.


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