September 2014

by Kevin Thomas, Publisher


In mid-August, I moved to a new home on a small island north of Portland. I’ve been blessed to have had the opportunity to see Maine from a number of vantage points over my lifetime—to be exact, 18 different Maine homes since my earliest childhood memories in Aroostook County. The list of towns follows my travels—and relationships—across the state: Presque Isle, Brewer, Bangor, Scarborough, Kennebunkport, Bethel, Kennebunk, Cape Elizabeth, Portland, and now Littlejohn Island. I’ve taken in views ranging from the springtime swelling of the Aroostook River, blossoming potato fields, dark and foreboding pine forests, crashing ocean surf, the West End elegance of John Calvin Stevens, passing snowmobilers, and now an easterly glimpse of Chebeague Island. In every case, I’ve intersected consistently with “my people”—those who worked very hard to get here, those who are working very hard to stay here, all appreciating their good fortune to be in Maine.


Seldom were these people here because of a career choice. More often, especially as I got older, I found that they were motivated by a deep-seated desire to be in Maine. They were determined to continue their roots, or grow new ones, in Maine soil. Oftentimes these people had turned their back on the lure of larger salaries and bigger benefit packages. Their choice of homes was motivated by a desire to share their experience with friends and family, to create memories.

So, here I go again, building more of my own memories for my family, expanding my circle of relationships. I’ve called upon my good friend and former business partner, Kevin Lord of Thomas & Lord, to help me through my latest renovation and building project. Kevin’s a great example of someone who unexpectedly fell in love with Maine and couldn’t leave. Kevin, a Massachusetts native, met his wife, Kelly, in Kennebunkport while we built homes in the early 2000’s. He’s now the father of three children, and deeply rooted in his community. And, it looks as if much of his extended family is following him here to Maine. I know that my home project will be in the best of hands with Kevin because he is here, like most of us, for the right reasons. His life is not just about the build, it’s about the relationships. It’s about the friends he knows and those he will meet, it’s about making time to get on the water, and spending time with his kids.

In every issue of Maine Home+Design, we endeavor to honor your decision to be here, to applaud it, in fact, and to introduce you to more Kevin Lords—our extended home and design family who will work with you to build your dreams, create new memories, and in the process, become a lifelong friend.

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