January 2014

By: Susan Grisanti, Editor-in-Chief | Rebecca Falzano, Managing Editor | Heidi Kirn, Art Director
Photography: C.A. Smith Photography

A new year often inspires talk of change. Change for the sake of change can feel empty, but change that comes naturally and at just the right time can be an antidote to stagnancy. Here at Maine Home+Design, we embrace the opportunity to evolve, to deliver content that’s as fresh and exciting to us as we hope it is to you. Here are a few refreshes you will find on our pages in 2014:

        -Our newly revamped Style Room spread showcases picks for a new room every month, curated in-house by our team of editors in collaboration with local businesses and designers. 

-A stronger emphasis on the vital, community-building work nonprofits are doing in Maine on our Turnout pages.

-A new feature on the architecture of place. These stories will tell the architectural tale of a region—past and present. Contributing Editor Sophie Nelson will team up with photographer Nicole Wolf to bring you our first one later this year on Peaks Island.

-A new quarterly story, Design Daytrip, will highlight a day’s worth of design finds. It’s your roadmap to home design, the can’t miss must-stops both on and off the beaten path. We’ll highlight local tile stores, antique shops, flooring centers, woodworking studios—all the places you would go when picking out the parts and pieces for your home. 

Here’s to a year of inspiration and design ideas for your home.

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