December 2013

By: Susan Grisanti, Editor-in-Chief | Rebecca Falzano, Managing Editor | Heidi Kirn, Art Director

We love that the final issue of the year is our annual Architecture Issue. It’s as if everything we work on during the year—all that we see in the field, the ideas that sprout in our minds on long drives, the sketches of projects that are shared with us—gets filtered into this issue. On these pages we highlight a broad array of the stellar work architects are creating here in Maine, overcoming challenges related to climate, rugged sites, solar orientation, and energy efficiencies. The very things that make Maine an attractive place to build provide architects here unique opportunities to shine. 

We are honored to remain an integral part of the AIA Maine community, having sponsored and supported the association since the beginning days of Maine Home+Design. After years of working together, we are happy to count many Maine architects as not only respected colleagues, but friends. We are thrilled to share with you an entire issue devoted to their work, a wide range of designs built to inspire you.

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