Letter from the Editor- Interior Design


Letter from the Editor- Interior Design

By Susan Grisanti, Rebecca Falzano, and Heidi Kirn

Distance can be a great catalyst for change.

Distance can be a great catalyst for change. Magical things happen when we take space from our everyday grind.

We’ve made it a habit to do this.

Every month, the day after we send the magazines to the printer, our entire staff changes scenery. We go beyond the walls of our office to talk big ideas and make plans. The idea for this issue, in fact, was born as our team sat around a roaring fire in an 82-year-old cabin on a lake in Belgrade one crisp September day. We had the idea to create this special themed issue and before we knew it, had made the collective decision to move from publishing ten issues a year to twelve. Enter our first-ever Interior Design issue.

This issue, like our brainstorming days, is a break from MH+D’s monthly editorial lineup. In this standalone resource for our readers we chose fourteen designers and asked them to select a room that showcased their design approach. Incredibly, each of the rooms in this issue is distinctly different, yet all illustrate a common truth: interior designers are interpreters—artists of space who take a vision and make it come to life.

We hope that you find the inspiration for the rooms in your life—perhaps for a space that takes you away from your routine and is a haven for your imagination. 

Rebecca Falzano
Managing Editor
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Heidi Kirn
Art Director
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Susan Grisanti
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