Letter from the Editor- Nov/Dec 2011



Letter from the Editor-October

By Susan Grisanti and Rebecca Falzano

You feel it when you’re in a well-designed space.

Whether it’s an inspired home or a well-thought-out workspace. Architecture is as much an emotional and spiritual journey as it is a visual one—thanks to architects who create layers of experience using light, materials, sight lines, flow. Each of the elements that they have so carefully considered deeply affect us, almost so subconsciously that they become intangible.

In this issue, though, we attempt to interpret the intangible. This year’s architectural listing is an inspired list of recently completed projects that, in their own singular ways, define architecture in Maine today. The projects on these pages dig deep into the ideas, inspirations, and collaborations the architects explored to develop each of their big ideas: intentional approaches to their work that result in spaces that feel good.

We hope that you will refer to this issue over and over again as you consider how you want to live and—more important—feel in your personal space.

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