Letter from the Editor-September



Letter from the Editor-September

By Susan Grisanti

“Susan, where have you been?”

I was recently asked that question by one of my architect friends. This individual had gotten used to reading my Editor’s Note and, since I hadn’t written one in awhile, got curious as to what I’d been doing.

The truth is, the team who puts this magazine together month after month is very good at what they do, and because of that, I am given more time to travel the state, meet our readers, talk to businesses, and gather more editorial ideas. From the beginning, Kevin Thomas and I made a decision that we would rarely accept a story pitch. We wanted to experience the story firsthand or at least know well the person who was telling us about it. So, I get off the highways, drive down hidden dusty roads, and turn corners with bright-eyed intrigue about what might be ahead. I wait in line for ferries to the numerous Maine islands, sometimes feel the salt spray splash from a ride on a private boat, and trudge up long docks looking for the reasons I moved here in 2000. These are the stories I want to share on these pages.

I always end up noticing that the homes I see are only marginally about the people who reside in them. They are almost always the collaborative effort of architects, builders, designers, landscapers—and of course the owners—working together to create soul-satisfying sanctuaries. While the process fascinates and inspires me, there are two things that forever strike me about what we do: the people we meet have chosen to create their homes here, in Maine, and these homeowners make it possible for a lot of Mainers to make a living here doing the work they love. 

We live in a very special place. We are able to grow and thrive; we are able to design our lives in ways that suit us. I hope that what you read in this issue will inspire you.

And next time you wonder where I’ve been, understand that I’ve been here all along.

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