LETER FROM MH+D-September 2009
by Susan Grisanti Kelley| Photography François Gagné

MH+D works. In the two and a half years that we’ve been doing this, we’ve figured a few things out. We’ve uncovered intriguing home and design projects all over the state—many of them down gravel paths that wind away from main roads. We’ve listened carefully to the stories of how these homes came to be built and often restored. We’ve carefully focused our stories on the spirit of the home and the land on which it stands, while widening our coverage of what happens around the state in art, design, landscape, restaurants, and community. When we told these stories, we shared the Maine that was our experience. The Maine that magnetizes us.

In our story selections we found ourselves pushing the envelope of home and design. We wanted to share more and more of the Maine that lures us to make a life here despite the challenges that making a life here can bring. The Maine that makes all of that worth it.

And so, when the stars lined up and the opportunity crossed our path to purchase Port City Life magazine, we did. And in doing so, we had a foundation on which to build a new magazine about Maine.

This month, MH+D subscribers will find Maine magazine in their mailboxes and on newsstands throughout New England. It is the magazine that tells the stories of the Maine that we haven’t been reading about anywhere else.

Like MH+D, I think Maine showcases the most engaging personalities, and features of life and culture in the state.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Susan Grisanti Kelley

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