Tucker & Tucker’s Stephen Tucker on How Custom Technology is Evolving

Photo by Myriam Babin

After managing consumer electronic stores for several years, Stephen Tucker, owner of Tucker and Tucker, Audio Video by Design, struck out with two partners to craft a business that would deliver custom entertainment equipment. “We created the company on a napkin in a coffee shop in 1989, if you can believe it,” says Tucker. His two partners eventually left in the 1990s, but Tucker stayed on, evolving the business to meet increasing technological demands in home and business settings and continuing to design systems that enhance the experience of listening to music and watching films.

Q. What inspired you to create this type of business?

A. In 1989 the three of us came up with the idea to give clients and customers a different way to purchase their audio and video equipment. Our idea was that we meet with clients and then propose and design a system that met their needs. Instead of having to walk into a store, pick up a bunch of boxes, and then take them home and plug them in, our clients would get custom-designed systems.

Q. How has your company changed since then?

A. One of the biggest challenges is staying current with what’s happening and to constantly change, improve, and modify what we do as a business. Our job has become one of finding out where our customers get their content, and typically these days, it’s either streamed or downloaded. We’ve become a company that designs and builds high-end networks for homes and businesses. At the same time, we’ve learned not to jump on new technology, to be very careful about integrating it. Sometimes new technology isn’t ready for prime time.

Q. What’s the best part of your business?

A. I love when somebody comes to me and says, “You put music in my life again, and I can’t tell you how much I really appreciate it.” Our staff is also amazing and professional to work with, and I love getting that feedback from customers. We’re a family here.

Q. Your business comprises so many different aspects. How do you summarize what you do?

A. We want to make people’s lives better through technology. It’s that simple.


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