Character & Conservation

In more ways than one, Longleaf Lumber’s reclaimed wood makes a statement

Mainers view our lush forests as part of our quintessential landscape. Trees provide picturesque scenery, fresh air, and to many of us, they are what makes us feel like we’re home. Conserving trees and creating beautiful homes go hand-in-hand at Longleaf Lumber’s mill in Berwick, where antique and reclaimed wood salvaged from historic industrial, agricultural, and large residential buildings is de-nailed, dried and milled to become something truly special. The yard is home to unique pieces of heart pine, red and white oak, American chestnut, maple and other durable woods, rich in history and character that mass-produced lumber cannot match. From this wood, Longleaf Lumber produces flooring, paneling, counter and tabletops, stair treads, resawn beams, moldings, mantels and more. Beyond sourcing reclaimed wood, “Longleaf Lumber recycles manufacturing byproducts and up-cycles 100% of the sawdust,” says co-owner Marc Poirier. “We heat our mill with our own wood waste and supplement electrical needs with solar panels. Reducing, reusing, and recycling is the heart of our business.”

It may also feel like you’re coming home, or visiting a friendly neighbor, when you stop in at Longleaf Lumber’s showroom in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where the staff will greet you with a smile and ask with genuine curiosity about the project you’re working on. As they have since 1997, these knowledgeable professionals will let you know which species of wood stands up to heavy foot traffic, which has great character for a kitchen island, or which will best match an existing floor. “Everyone on our team just thinks the wood is beautiful. When employees love the material, the finished product really shines and customer service is a pleasure,” says Poirier.

Longleaf Lumber’s repeat customers run the gamut from contractors, interior designers, and architects, to wood workers and ambitious DIY-homeowners inspired by Pinterest. Similarly, the projects that Longleaf Lumber supplies cover a wide range: homes of all sizes, historic renovations, restaurants, and small businesses. Whether the reclaimed wood is milled onsite into a finished product or sold to customers for their own crafting, each piece of wood that cycles through Longleaf Lumber is treated with the same care.

Reclaimed wood brings a sense of nature to interior spaces, while also avoiding further depletion of our natural resources. Longleaf Lumber provides a high-end product backed by a passionate team that cares about the environment as much as they do their business.