Living With Art

Stunning settings by Maine architects, interior designers, builders, and other experts provide the perfect backdrop for works from Portland Art Gallery, Elizabeth Moss Galleries, and The Good Supply.

“For this project we started with a dated cottage and brought it forward in time, with a focus on capturing the amazing views so that they could be embraced from as many sections of the house as possible. The clients told me, “We pinch ourselves every day in appreciation for the transformation that allows us to enjoy so much beauty.”
—Chris Herlihy, Polestar Design

Architectural Designer: Chris Herlihy, Polestar Design
Art: Ann Sklar, A Patch of Land, oil on canvas, 24″ x 36″ (over fireplace); Dick Alden, Moon Ring, serpentine stone, 24″x 16″x 10″(center); Karen Blair, Winter Walk, oil and oil stick on cradled panel, 28″ x 24″ (at right), Portland Art Gallery
Builder: Flying Point Construction
Fireplace: Set In Stone
Windows & Doors: Marvin

“Success with simplicity: Contemporary design elements succeed when done right. Often it is the starkness of simple contemporary designs that leave you cold. In this case, the warm tone and texture of the rift-sawn, white oak, panel- matched cabinetry blends with the bold house design and gives both a feeling of accuracy and comfort.”
—Rick Sawyer, Blue Hill Cabinet & Woodwork

Art: Bibby Gignilliat, Taking Root and Sprinkle of Magic, acrylic and mixed media on panel, 24″ x 24″, Portland Art Gallery
Cabinetry: Blue Hill Cabinet & Woodwork
Interior Designer: Blue Hill Cabinet & Woodwork

“This home is an exploration in sculptural curves and angles, creating playfully choreographed spaces that serve both as art and as backdrops for art.”
—Joanna Shaw, Winkelman Architecture

Architect: Joanna Shaw, Winkelman Architecture
Builder: Leslie Shaw
Art: On porch: EFM Studio, Aquamarine, mosaic glass, 42″ x 33″; in living room, from left: George Mason, Relief Tapestry in Orange, hydrolocal plaster, casein paint, encaustic, burlap 10.5″ x 15.5″; Jessica Ives, Two Particle State, oil on panel, 18″ x 18″; Jessica Ives, Solvency, oil on panel, 48″ x 60″; EFM Studio, Amethyst, mosaic glass, 30″ x 37″, The Good Supply
Structural Engineer (Porch): Albert Putnam Associates

“This home was designed to echo the tranquility brought by the seaside location. A soft color palette was realized carrying in the colors found in the ocean water and sandy beach. The space will be used for gatherings throughout the years and provide guests a sense of calm and relaxation.”
—Crystal Wilson, Douston Construction Inc.

Architectural Designer: Walter Wilson, The Design Company
Art: Jean Jack, Shed Full, oil on canvas, 40″ x 40″, Portland Art Gallery
Builder: Douston Construction Inc.
Interior Designer: Hurlbutt Designs
Furniture & Accessories: Hurlbutt Designs
Windows & Doors: Andersen

“We were able to use the existing space in this home to create a beautiful and highly functioning kitchen that is now welcoming to this couple’s children and grandchildren.”
—Mary Adams, Kitchen Cove Design Studio

Art: Carlos Gamez de Francisco, The Blue Girl ll, acrylic on canvas, gallery wrap, 25″ x 15″, Portland Art Gallery
Builder: Travis Cook, Cooks Custom Carpentry
Cabinetry: Rutt HandCrafted Cabinetry
Furniture & Accessories: Scout & Nimble (barstools) Kitchen Designer: Kitchen Cove
Design Studio Lighting: Rejuvenation
Countertop: WareRite (marble); Grothouse (wood)

“This accessory structure, currently under construction, stands high on a hill next to a primary home our studio, construction, and millwork team completed years ago. Our clients wanted an expressive building and are patrons of good design, so we created a bold structure for them. The frame to hold this building up against the wind is aggressive; it uses concrete to anchor large steel overhangs that enable an unobstructed view of Casco Bay beyond. Richard Keene’s work is inspired by his work on the Maine Coast, exploring his memory of shapes and colors he experiences as a commercial diver. I like the adjacency of utilitarian structural elements with fine art inspired by a working life on the water in Maine.”
—Caleb Johnson, Caleb Johnson Studio & Woodhull of Maine

Art: Richard Keen, Island Geometry, Monhegan: Rockweed No. 7, oil on canvas, 48″ x 42″; Harpswell Woods No. 10, acrylic and oil on canvas, 48″ x 36″, Elizabeth Moss Galleries
Architect: Caleb Johnson, Caleb Johnson Studio
Architectural Designer: Bud Angst, Caleb Johnson Studio
Builder: Woodhull of Maine

“Our goal at Windsor Chairmakers is to preserve the skill of original, handmade, furniture-making and pass that on to a new generation of craftspeople. With its cool colors and folk art-style Ann Trainor Domingue’s painting ties in nicely with the furniture and the look we’re going for in our showroom.”
—Mike Timchak, Windsor Chairmakers

Art: Ann Trainor Domingue, Old Wayfinding, acrylic on canvas, 24″ x 36″, Portland Art Gallery
Furniture & Accessories: Owls Head Cannonball Post Bed in native maple with Pitch Black over Federal Blue milk-painted crackle finish; tiger maple shaker bench; tiger maple Cottage Bedside Table (seen through door); cherry writing desk with spoon foot legs; windsor hoopback side chair, Windsor Chairmakers
Coverlet: Bruce Gamage Antiques
Room Design: Jana Timchak

“We transformed a small, angular guest bedroom into a cozy space perfect for creative contemplation. The room is at the top of the stairs with the ceiling visible to the guest as they ascend the stairs. Curved lines can represent both calmness and movement, comfort and ease. These curves are present in the furniture, handmade light fixtures, wallpaper, and the exquisite work of Laurie Fisher.”
—Vanessa Helmick, Fiore Home

Art: Laurie Fisher, Pollyanna, oil and oil stick on canvas, 30″ x 24″, Portland Art Gallery Builder: Thomas & Lord
Interior Designers: Vanessa Helmick & Jackie Andrews, Fiore Interiors
Furniture, Accessories & Rugs: Fiore Home
Wallpaper: Poppy Print Studio

“When you have a room with little wall space it is important that the one piece of art in the room can tell a story. Matt’s art is layered (literally and figuratively) and is the focal point of this gathering space.”
—Vanessa Helmick, Fiore Home

Art: Matt Chamberlain, Untitled XVI, mixed media on panel, 60″ x 40″, Portland Art Gallery
Builder: Thomas & Lord
Interior Designers: Vanessa Helmick & Jackie Andrews, Fiore Interiors
Furniture, Accessories & Rugs: Fiore Home

“Water is an essential element for all life-forms on our planet, and water features always impart a playful, relaxing facet to the landscape. In addition to these features’ visual appeal, the sound and motion of water soothes the mind and body. David Moser’s striking sculpture adds a further element of creative beauty amid the natural components of stone, plants, and water.”
—Ted Carter, Ted Carter Inspired Landscapes

Art: David Moser, Solace, bronze, 26″ x 10″, Portland Art Gallery
Dry-Laid Stone Wall, Granite Stairs, Lighting (Exterior), Plantscape & Water Feature: Ted Carter Inspired Landscapes

“I had the pleasure of designing a new fireplace for this gorgeous home. My task was to create a fireplace that elevated the space without sacrificing functionality, and I’d say we succeeded! The marbleized porcelain slab proved to be the ideal material for installation.The fireplace brings a sense of warmth and comfort to the space, but the choice of this marble, with its stark porcelain white offset by the darker veins running through it, keeps the sense of sophistication in the space. Finally, we finished the design with the addition of a lovely William Crosby piece. This artwork brought balance to the room, and Crosby’s subtle strokes and muted colors complemented the room perfectly. This project was truly a joy to design. To be able to imbue the space with my own creative ideas, while working in tandem with my wonderful client to actualize their vision for the space—what more could you ask for?”
—Annie Kiladjian, Annie K Designs

Art: William Crosby, Coastal Gestures 1, acrylic on canvas, 34″ x 34″, Portland Art Gallery Interior Designer: Annie K Designs
Fireplace: Embers Stoves & Fireplaces
Tile: Distinctive Tile & Design

“With building materials bridging from the exterior through the vast windows into the home, the experience of this natural, wooded site does not stop at the threshold. The floor-to-ceiling curtain walls provide expansive views of Brickyard Cove along with plentiful natural light through the lush canopy of trees.”
—Bonnie Wedster, Kevin Browne Architecture

Architect: Kevin Browne, Kevin Browne Architecture
Architectural Designer: Bonnie Wedster, Kevin Browne Architecture
Art: Nina Fuller, Shearing, archival pigment print, 36″ x 36″, Portland Art Gallery Builder: M.R. Brewer
Fireplace: Knowles Industrial
Furniture & Accessories: Jenkins Baer Associates
Interior Designer: Jenkins Baer Associates
Lighting Fixtures: Jones Lighting Specialists
Lighting Installation: Mancini Electric
Shades: Gramophone; Jenkins Baer Associates
Windows & Doors: Pinnacle Window Solutions

“The classic white cabinetry and abundance of natural light provides the ideal space for colorful artwork.”
—David Messier, Crown Point Cabinetry

Art: Lynne Drexler, Scraps 12, oil and fabric on canvas, 48″ x 20″, Elizabeth Moss Galleries
Builder: Richard Moody & Sons Construction
Cabinetry: Crown Point Cabinetry

“This beautiful home on Casco Bay needed a big refresh before our clients moved in with their three small children. We chose Farrow & Ball – Light Blue No. 22 on the fireplace wall because of its mutable quality—it reads differently depending on the light and time of day. The painting feels at home among the blues, oranges, and neutrals that make up the palette for this family friendly space.”
—Bronwyn Huffard, Huffard House Interior Design

Architect: Bruce Ronayne Hamilton Architects
Art: Karen Blair, Harbor, mixed media on canvas, 36″ x 48″, Portland Art Gallery
Furniture/Accessories: Vanguard Furniturel, Lewis & Wood, Ferrick Mason, clients’ antique armchairs
Interior Designer: Huffard House Interior Design

“This Douglas fir timber frame was raised in December of 2020 and is nearing completion. We worked carefully to design a structure that conformed to the restrictions of the
site while providing the attributes the family desired. Two- bedrooms, full kitchen and bath with open concept living space sit atop a large workshop. The owner was heavily involved in all aspects of interior design and we’ve really enjoyed watching the space fill up with hand sourced items; truly one of our favorite projects!”
—Erin Connolly, Maine Barn Company

Architect: Dan Broggi
Art: Anne Ireland, Wreath, oil on canvas, 46.5″ x 39.5″; Brita Holmquist, Harbor—Slight Breeze, 36″ x 36″, oil on canvas, Elizabeth Moss Galleries
Ceiling Boards: Robbins Lumber
Structural Insulated Panels: Foard Panel, Inc.
Timber Frame Design and Joinery: Maine Barn Company

“Nestled between the third and fourth fairways of the Woodlands golf course in Falmouth, this open and inviting modern farmhouse is designed as much for outside as inside living. The flaxen white oak floors create an ideal background for colorful accents like cushions, fabrics, and of course, art.”
—Jack McInerny, Atlantic Hardwoods

Art: Ellie Barnet, Tidal Fragments, oil on canvas, 40″ x 30″, Elizabeth Moss Galleries Builder: Wyse & Sons Builders
Flooring: Atlantic Hardwoods

“A welcoming home with warm-toned floors, clean lines, and plenty of natural light.”
—Paul Leddy, Leddy Build Design

Architect: Kevin Browne Architecture
Art: Robert Wieferich, At Low Tide, oil on canvas, 48″ x 36″, Elizabeth Moss Galleries
Builder: Leddy Build Design
Appliances: Agren
Cabinetry: Indisco Kitchen & Baths
Flooring: Atlantic Hardwoods
Lighting: Fogg Lighting
Windows: Andersen

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