Built to Scale

Whitten Architects has designed a modest addition to a vintage cape in Unity for Erin French and Michael Dutton of the Lost Kitchen in Freedom. It was the hope of the owners, and design team, that the addition did not detract from the iconically Maine traditional cape. The design replaces an existing addition that no longer meets the clients’ needs and includes a new mudroom, kitchen, dining space, and second-story bedroom suite. This site-specific proposal provides a comfortable chef’s kitchen connected to full-sun gardens, with ample outdoor space to entertain. The new structure honors the existing architecture by matching its simplicity and stature while bringing the home closer to the outdoors. During the design phase, Whitten Architects focused on fostering a sense of continuity from inside to out, creating a dining room within the landscape. Under a pergola and surrounded by raised garden beds, this space takes advantage of the southern light, crafting a perfect summer evening.

Location: Unity
Architect: Whitten Architects
Construction start: Spring 2021
Construction complete: Spring 2022

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