Rooftop River View


A Brunswick camp with a vegetated roof balances river views and solar orientation

Situated on a pastoral overlook on the New Meadows River, this compact two-bedroom camp’s unconventional plan and mass takes its form by balancing water views and passive solar orientation with the existing tree cover and unique zoning constraints of the site.

sk3-3d_wThe gradually sloping vegetated roof minimizes the overall volume of the building, and serves as a natural, long-lasting, and low-maintenance alternative to conventional roofing materials. Initially low and tight to grade at the private side of the house, the roof plane slopes and twists gently upward, revealing the public spaces of the structure to the south light and dramatic views of the river. A superinsulated building envelope and triple glazed windows complement the structure’s minimal footprint on the building site and its environment.

Simple and straightforward construction techniques and a sustainable palette of local, natural materials make this a retreat that will settle gently and comfortably into its surroundings while working within the confines of a modest budget.

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Architect: Winkelman Architecture
Builder: Ron LeBlanc
Landscape Architect: Richardson Associates

Location: Brunswick, ME
Square Footage: 1,084
Completion slated for: Summer 2009

Drawings by Will Winkelman





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