From Paper to Nature


Drawings by Russ Tyson, Whitten Architects

Stepping softly where they build, Whitten Architects is designing an environmentally sensitive timber frame home on the remote oceanfront site of Johnson Cove. Conceived to have minimal impact on vegetation, tree cover, and natural drainage patterns, the year-round home will integrate outdoor rooms, protective roof overhangs, energy-efficient appliances, and the wealth of nature’s wind and solar powers. Architect Russ Tyson’s stunning, hand-drawing of the design is broken by slight angular plane shifts that allow each room specific views of the ocean and distant islands. A raised clerestory simultaneously draws soft northern light to the main living space and becomes a welcoming beacon.


Location: Roque Bluffs

Main Living Space: 620 square feet

Master Bedroom Suite: 385 square feet

Porches: 220 square feet

Loft: 140 square feet

Exterior Decks: 1,200 square feet

Barn: 1,250 square feet (not shown)

Total Square Footage: 3,815

Drawings: Spring 2007

Construction: Spring 2008

Completed: Spring 2009