Long Island House

 Location: Long Island

Architect: John Cole, AIA, LEED AP

Builder: Phil Fabiano

Construction start: Summer 2015

Construction complete: Spring 2016 

Location: Long Island

Architect: John Cole, AIA, LEED AP

Builder: Phil Fabiano

Construction start: Summer 2015

Construction complete: Spring 2016 

The Drawing Board – July 2015


The clients, longtime summer residents of Long Island, sought a new home to accommodate their multigenerational family that was inspired by the charm of their current summer cottage. The prime building spot on the steeply sloped site, bounded by a bench-height ledge and a side-yard setback line, overlooks a rocky inlet and marsh. To break down the mass of the house into cottage-scaled pieces and to frame the southwesterly view, architect John Cole designed a screened porch and master bedroom as separate pavilions set on large wooden piers reminiscent of local fishermen’s shacks. The ledge is used to define a path leading from the uphill main house entry and under the screened porch to a downhill terrace and the shore beyond.

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