Whisper House

Architect: David G. Johnson, Skaala Architecture
Landscape Architect: Soren deNiord, Soren deNiord Design Studio
Builder/Owner: TBD
Construction start: Spring 2015 Construction complete: Spring 2016 

DRAWING BOARD – February 2015


On a beautiful waterfront property with spruce groves and lush moss carpet, a clean contemporary house is minimally inserted into the ledged landscape above the Atlantic Ocean. The first visible indicator of the house that greets guests is a singular glass kiosk. The pure four-sided architectural form sitting on a fern-planted plinth is the only visible suggestion of the house below. Beyond, the eye gravitates to a dramatic long view of islands and horizon. Upon entering the kiosk, visitors descend an open staircase that spirals 360 degrees and arrive at the main floor with the same water view as at the entry above. The floor plan and corresponding landscape elements are generated from a strict 4-foot module. With the great majority of the glazing facing south, solar gain is significant, and a radiant concrete slab serves as a thermal battery. A double wall system and advanced insulation package work together to create an extremely efficient and weather-tight shell, minimizing the energy impact of the home. Outdoor living spaces on an extended porch embrace the natural phenomena of place and blur the line of interior/exterior habitation. The building’s siting, form, minimal site impact, and performance are testament to the integrated and collaborative process between the architect and landscapearchitect. 


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