Designed with a View

DRAWING BOARD – March 2014


This retirement home is set on a gentle slope with a 120-degree vista over a windswept salt marsh. The house responds to the setting with a long horizontal bar stretched along the slope with plenty of south-facing glass to capture the panoramic view from the major living spaces. A perpendicular bar houses service spaces: mudroom, garage, and workshop. Wide overhangs shade the glass in summer while allowing winter sun to penetrate deep into the interior. The building envelope, designed above building code standards, has an additional layer of insulation on the exterior face to prevent thermal bridging. After a round of concept sketches, the design work was completed using physical models, both exterior and interior, to help the homeowner visualize the house.  

Location: Cape Elizabeth

Architect: John Cole, AIA, LEED AP

Builder: Island Cove Building & Development

Construction start: Fall 2013

Construction complete: Spring 2014

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