Family Friendly




A renovation offers both a teen haven and a parent retreat





To accommodate a family who was starting to outgrow their home, the homeowners sought a renovation that included teenage-oriented space and ample storage, in addition to a new master suite that offers the parents privacy from the noise and activity.

Volume and square footage restrictions made the renovation difficult, however, because the home is located near a small stream. Gulfshore Design hired the help of Jim Fisher of Northeast Civil Solutions to look at possible reductions in the critical wetland setback of 250 feet. The research, site survey, and state engineer review allowed the setback distance to be reduced to 104 feet from the stream, allowing Gulfshore to renovate and expand the house without restrictions.

drawingboard3_wNow, an existing two-car garage is being turned into a teenage haven with a large flat-screen TV, state-of-the-art surround-sound system, game tables, and a small kitchenette for snacks and cold drinks. This “hangout” space is adjacent to the foyer and can be closed off from the rest of the house by a set of French doors in order to reduce noise. The visual connection to the rest of the house is still maintained through the use of French doors and interior window sashes.

The master suite is located over a three-car garage, built on precast slabs. It has an outdoor deck with direct views of the family pool. Connected to the bedroom is an exercise room with a private outdoor deck and direct stair access to the outdoors, for early morning runs. Additional storage for outdoor pool furniture, toys, sports car, and boat is accomplished by daylight basement access from the backyard below the precast garage slab.


Residential Designer: Travis Kinney of Gulfshore Design
Contractor: Cloutier Construction
Interior Designer: Tracey Rapisardi of Sea Rose Designs
Site/Civil: Jim Fisher of Northeast Civil Solutions
Location: Cape Elizabeth
Square Footage: 6,600 (existing); 9,000 (after renovation)
Construction: Spring 2010
Completion slated: Winter 2010

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