Seven Wallpapers Worthy of your Walls

Home for the Holidays January 2017 / Photography by Jeff Roberts
A Tale of Two Houses September 2017 / Photography by Jeff Roberts
The Little House That Could June 2016 / Photography by François Gagné
Sparking Joy April 2017 / Photography by Sarah Beard Buckley
Bayou Blend June 2018 / Photography by Jonathan Reece
Old World in the New August 2017 / Photography by Jeff Roberts

After a period of being dismissed in favor of paint, wallpaper is back, and it’s better than ever. Instead of the muted floral patterns that may have covered the walls of your grand- parents’ house, today’s wallpapers feature bold designs and rich, true colors made possible by improvements in printing technology. Geometric prints, metallic finishes, and oversize botanicals are all on-trend, as are whimsical designs featuring animals, birds, and fish. New York–based Flavor Paper turns French toile on its head with cheeky versions inspired by Brooklyn, San Francisco, and New Orleans. A lush arrangement of fern fronds seems to pop off walls papered with Fernarium, a newer pattern from the venerable Schumacher. And London’s Meystyle even offers a collection of papers imbedded with LED lights.

Subtler wallpapers have their place too. Grasscloth and other textured papers—some of which are paintable—add interest without being over the top, which may be just what you want in a living room or bedroom. Another popular option is to paper a single wall, or even a ceiling, with a bold pattern. One room where homeowners and designers are most apt to use dramatic or whimsical wallpaper? The powder room, as evidenced by the designs we’ve showcased here.

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