Eight Shelving Units to Optimize your Storage

Lean, Serene & Green March 2016 / Photography by Trent Bell
Design Among Friends February 2016 / Photography by Jeff Roberts
Neighbors, Friends & Friends of Friends May 2018 / Photography by Jeff Roberts / Styling by Janice Dunwoody
History in the Making August 2017 / Photography by Jeff Roberts
Reimagining History July 2017 / Photography by Jeff Roberts
A Light Touch September 2017 / Photography by Jeff Roberts
Creekside in Cape Porpoise June 2016 / Photography by Jonathan Reece
On a High Note September 2017 / Photography by Irvin Serrano / Styling by Janice Dunwoody

Shelving has many facets: it can double as both storage space and room divider; it can be completely closed off or wide open and decorative in its own sense; it can be the backdrop for a room, or it can be the centerpiece. Shelving is, in fact, much more exciting than the word implies. With endless customizable options, shelving may be fixed, adjustable, floating, cornered, or pullout. Whatever style is present, shelving adds a wealth of character to any room. Whether they are floor-to-ceiling, dividing a room, or just accenting a wall, built-in shelves beg to be filled with art, books, and beloved objects.

Functionality is another defining characteristic of shelving, as seen in the open kitchen storage in this section. Framing a bed with built-ins adds quiet charm and allows for easy access storage. Or shelves can be used simply to facilitate wall decor that goes beyond hanging a painting here and there. To take full creative advantage of wall-to-wall shelving, don’t let windows get in the way—build around them. Comparing and contrasting the different styles of shelving can help determine the best way to properly store and display treasured items.

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