Style Room

Mix and Match

“In both the pool house and the main house, we’ve included the high, the low, the casual, the dressy, the contemporary, and the antique. It’s what I love about style—that we can bring in such a mix of things in … Continue reading

Form and Function

“The particular relationships of ceiling, wall, and floor; of door and passageway, of window and roof; and of the furnishings within the built frame—all factor into the physical and emotional impact of a given place,” explains designer and architect Ray … Continue reading

Room To Grow

A boys’ bedroom in A Place to Call Home: Tradition, Style, and Memory in the New American House uses contrasting colors, contemporary art, and a mix of patterns for a look that’s both playful and sophisticated. Capture a similar style … Continue reading

Historical Perspective

In Space Works by Caroline Clifton- Mogg, Joanna Simmons, Rebecca Tanqueray, and Rebecca Winward (Ryland Peters and Small, $35), a traditional bathroom features a pair of mirrors casually leaning against the wall. A side chair offers an extra surface for … Continue reading

Pattern Play

Like color, a room can typically withstand a little more pattern than one may think,” writes Meg Braff in The Decorated Home. “I always encourage pushing the proverbial envelope a bit.” In this cheery space, patterns range from a zig-zag … Continue reading