Art at Home

Architects, Interior Designers, Builders, and other experts on the intersection of art and design, featuring works from Elizabeth Moss, Greenhut Galleries, and Maine Art Hill

Chris Briley, Briburn; Greenhut Galleries (1)
Deborah Chatfield, Chatfield Design; Maine Art Hill (2)
Paul Attardo, Attardo Pondelis Architecture; Greenhut Galleries (3)
Glenn Farrell, YFI Custom Homes; Maine Art Hill (4)
Louise Hurlbutt, Hurlbutt Designs; Maine Art Hill (5)
Gabe Gordon, Homeowner & Arborwall Solid Cedar Homes; Maine Art Hill (6)
Conrad Arseneau, Kitchen Cove Cabinetry & Design (7)
Michele Hayes Zajkowski, Ocean View Designs; Greenhut Galleries (8)
Kevin Browne, Kevin Browne Architecture; Elizabeth Moss Galleries (9)
Brett Johnson, Maine Street Design Company; Elizabeth Moss Galleries (10)

1. “This is a modern homestead for a modern family that treasures the vernacular culture, aesthetic, lifestyle, and rural landscape of Yarmouth.”—Chris Bailey, Briburn

Architect: Chris Briley, Briburn
Art: Margaret Lawrence, On the Bay, oil on panel, 36” x 36” (above fireplace);
Tom Paiement, Venice Beach Series, mixed media, 15” x 15” (to right of fireplace); Tim Christensen, Immature Bald Eagle, wood-fired porcelain, 9” x 12” x 6” (on side table); Stephen Porter, New Circle #1, maple, 9” x 11” x 9”; Series 15 #21, powder- coated aluminum, each 6” x 6” x 6” (on top and middle shelves, at left); Kate Cheney Chappell, Sun Falling on Stones, watercolor, 14” x 20” (on bottom shelf)—Greenhut Galleries
Interior Designer: Wendy Polstein, Quill Design
Widows & Doors: Pinnacle Window Solutions

2. “Homeowners Karin and Bob Weisert wanted a calm and relaxing environment that would also complement their cove view. So, when they decided to add a fireplace to bring in another element to the overall design aesthetic, it gave us the clean slate with which to start over. David Witbeck’s painting Hank brought together the subtle hues of gray and blue that run through the room without being dominant and provides a little whimsy.” —Deborah Chatfield, Chatfield Design

Architectural Designer: Erik Durbas, Erik Durbas Designs ART: David Witbeck, Maine Reverie, oil on panel, 30” x 60” (at left); Hank, oil on canvas, 32” x 48” (above fireplace) —Maine Art Hill
Builder: Vision Builders
Fireplace: Rockport Granite
Furniture: Windsor Chairmakers; Charles Stewart
Interior Designer: Deborah Chatfield, Chatfield Design

3. “Enduring design is the synthesis of the owner’s vision, the artistry of the craftsman, and the light touch of thoughtful and collaborative design. The end result welcomes you in to share in its joy.”—Paul Attardo, Attardo Pondelis Architecture

Architect: Attardo Pondelis Architecture
Art: Stephen Porter, Cube Column 14a, stainless steel, 50” x 17” x 15” (in foreground); Cube Column 17, stainless steel, 50” x 13” x 16” (in background) —Greenhut Galleries 
Builder: Michael Russo, Russo Construction Services
Fireplace: Gnome Landscape, Design, Masonry & Maintenance
Interior Designer: Catherine King Design

4. “Building a home is truly a team sport. When all the right players come together— and work together as one with one common goal in mind—we are able to build incredible homes for our clients. Places where memories are made and family traditions live on for generations.”—Glenn Farrell, YFI Custom Homes 

Architect: Bill Soupcoff, TMS Architects
Art: Margaret Gerding, July Evening, oil on panel, 36” x 42” —Maine Art Hill
Builder: YFI Custom Homes
Doors: YFI Millworks
Interior Designer: YFI Fine Interiors
Windows: Marvin Windows and Doors

5. “Ingunn Joergensen’s paintings, Golden Hour (Blue Hour) and Quiet by the River, add to the calmness of this cathedral-ceiling reading room on the Kennebunk River. The artwork reflects the moods of the ever-changing tides on the river. Choosing art is so personal, but to find art that depicts the exterior surroundings and enhances the room makes for an even bigger panoramic view.”—Louise Hurlbutt, Hurlbutt Designs 

Architect: Brian Beaudette
Art: Ingunn Milla Joergensen, Golden Hour (Blue Hour), oil on canvas, 36” x 48” (at left); Quiet by the River, oil on canvas, 36” x 36” (above fireplace)—Maine Art Hill
Builder: Thomas & Lord
Chandelier: Visual Comfort & Co.
Fireplace: Heat & Glo
Furniture: Sherrill Furniture (sofa & swivel chairs); Fauld (coffee table); Sarreid (side tables)—all sourced through Hurlbutt Designs
Interior Designer: Louise Hurlbutt, Hurlbutt Designs
Custom Sofa Pillows: Duralee Fabric
Rug: Knot & Company
Wallpaper: Cowtan & Tout
Windows & Doors: Andersen

6. “The south-facing orientation of the great room and the two-story window wall was designed to flood the living space with natural light, taking full advantage of passive solar energy in the winter months when the midday sun stretches across the entire width of the home.”—Gabe Gordon, Homeowner & Arborwall Solid Cedar Homes

Architectural Designer: Arborwall Solid Cedar Homes
Art: Craig Mooney, Cloud Drift, oil on canvas, 60” x 60” —Maine Art Hill
Builder: Bill Ryan, North Point Contracting
Fireplace: Yankee Fireplace, Grill & Patio
Lighting: House of Lights
Windows & Doors: Andersen A-Series

7. “When designing the kitchen for David Allen and Kati Gaulkin, we worked very closely with them to achieve a look in keeping with their house, which was built in 1763. The furniture-like appearance of the custom full-inset cabinetry by Crystal coupled with the custom color, Parsnip by California Paint, was a perfect pairing to achieve this look. Attention was also given to available surfaces that would be dedicated for displaying David’s work.”—Conrad Arseneau, Kitchen Cove Cabinetry & Design

Art: David Allen, Falling Ochre Barn, oil on wood panel, 24” x 24”
Builder: Bowley Builders
Kitchen Designer: Conrad Arseneau, Kitchen Cove Cabinetry & Design

8. “The family room in this 1898 cottage was remodeled to take advantage of views of Casco Bay. This room was expanded from a former sunroom, and the footprint was opened to the kitchen and dining room to accommodate the homeowner’s love of cooking and entertaining. The beach rock fireplace, raised granite hearth, reclaimed beams, and custom bookcases are in keeping with the cottage’s overall palette, found in the blue-greens of the ocean and the taupe hues of the sand outside. The art by Maine artist Henry Isaacs was chosen for the brushwork and delicate palette of blue, greens, pinks, and yellows. The homeowner was drawn to Isaacs’s approach to color, balancing warm and cool tones; he is known for painting with whites and neutrals without the presence of black in his work. The painting is a gentle nod to the views of Mackworth Island, which can be seen from the island beach where the family spends much of their time in the summer.”
Michele Hayes Zajkowski, Ocean View Designs

Architect: Mark Mueller Architects
Art: Henry Isaacs, Off Mackworth Island, oil on canvas, 24” x 36” (above fireplace); Stephen Porter, Circle 66B2, European beech, 15” x 12” x 4” (on hearth) —Greenhut Galleries
Fireplace: Chris Pascale, CMP Stone Masonry
Fireplace Materials: Genest
Flowers: Skillins Greenhouses; homeowner’s garden
Furniture & Accessories: Simply Home; Home Remedies; HomeGoods
Interior Designer: Ocean View Designs

9. “The chosen artworks’ style and color blends well with the home’s colors, and the placement almost makes it feel like the pieces were designed to fit their locations.”
Kevin Browne, Kevin Browne Architecture 

Architect: Kevin Browne, Kevin Browne Architecture
Art: Lea Peterson, Nose to Nose, oil on canvas, 30” x 30” (to right of door); Sharing the Dock, oil on canvas, 60” x 20” (on landing)—Elizabeth Moss Galleries
Builder: Mike Walker Construction
Windows & Doors: Andersen A-Series; Hancock Lumber

10. “Love of the ocean, sailing, artwork from around the world, and a passion for travel tie us together. In this room, the designer, the client, and the artist worked together in a beautiful dance that is realized in this open and airy room by the sea. The room’s doors open wide to the sun and salt air off Portland harbor. What inspired me with this room is the client, with whom I’ve been working for over ten years and who is like family to me. This room is a celebration of the client’s free spirit, of a lifetime of memories, of her art and artifacts from world travel as well as an anchorage to call home. This room was a delight to work on, the sort of room that results when designer, client, and artist play in symphony to the sea.”—Brett Johnson, Maine Street Design Company 

Art: Rush Brown, The Knutsen, oil on canvas, 20” x 48” (above fireplace);
Andrea Sulzer, Swell, woodblock, printer’s ink on gampi paper, 21” x 23” (over side table) —Elizabeth Moss Galleries
Builder: Eider Construction
Fireplace: Eider Construction
Floral Design: Harmon’s Floral Company
Furniture: Lee Industries (sofa); Robert Allen (fabrics)—sourced through Maine Street Design Company
Interior Design: Brett Johnson, Maine Street Design Company
Rug: Mougalian Rugs