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MH+D Inside Out: Ben Hemberger of Benjamin & Company on 3-D Timber Framing

Ben Hemberger has always been drawn to the romance of timber framing. “It really spoke to me,” Hemberger tells Maine Home+Design. By following his passion, Hemberger ended up in timber framing and then carpentry, and he now owns Benjamin and Company, a full-service homebuilding and timber framing company. Read on to learn why a computer science degree gives Hemberger an edge in the building market and why it’s no longer enough to let a house breathe on its own.

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MH+D Inside Out: Maine Post & Beam’s Brett Hellstedt on Celebrating the Process of Building

“A lot of people get hung up on the definition of what we do,” Brett Hellstedt says. “But basically we build with timber.” Hellstedt’s company, Maine Post and Beam, builds everything from structural to ornamental timber beams and frames in homes, barns, and commercial spaces. Hellstedt tells Maine Home+Design about the beauty of exposed beams.

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MH+D Inside Out: Michele Hayes Zajkowski of Ocean View Designs Pushes Clients Outside Their Comfort Zones

In another life outside Maine, Michele Hayes Zajkowski worked in advertising. After several years as a stay-at-home mom and remodeling two homes of her own, she began to pursue a field that she felt passionate about: interior design. She attended Boston Architectural College and interned with Linda Banks of Simply Home, and now Zajkowski has launched a personal venture, Ocean View Designs. Zajkowski tells Maine Home+Design why she teaches her clients to take risks like how she did.

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