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Ones to Watch

Five standout artists to keep your eye on

Ones to Watch

Five standout artists to keep your eye on 

Ones to Watch

Five standout artists to keep your eye on

Color Splash

At the height of summer, the world’s colors take on a brightness and saturation that match the vitality of the season. Taking inspiration from natural forms—from the microscopic to the grand—Henry Isaacs, Jodi Edwards, and Mary Barnes use those lively … Continue reading

Soft Seascapes

Julie Houck, Lully Schwartz, and Holly Ready paint incandescent seaside scenes in subtle tones of pink, blue, gray, and yellow. Their palettes evoke the serenity of the ocean and the majesty of nature’s light.

Expressive Impression

Linda Packard, Kathi J. Smith, and Milena Banks paint with vigor. Their fluid brushstrokes convey the emotion and energy of moments in nature, impressions captured in colorful paintings alive with spontaneity.

Defining Shape

The works of Nancy Simonds, Jessica Gandolf, and Robin Brooks feature strongly delineated forms and bold color. Each piece is a radiant patchwork of geometric shapes in mostly primary hues.

Layered Visions

Megan Hinton, Jan Roy, and Hannah Bureau paint abstract, atmospheric views. Employing geometric forms and defined brushwork as well as rich layers of paint, these artists are able to achieve well-balanced compositions enlivened by color and texture.

Fire & Ice

Brenda Cirioni paints fire with vivid intensity. Basil Gorrill’s mixed-media works feature complementary hues that evoke winter’s chill and summer’s heat. Jane Yudelman’s photographs of ice are striking in their color and texture. These artists explore fire and ice, opposites … Continue reading

Cities on the Edge

Winslow Myers, Wade Zahares, and Greta Van Campen have built urban visions on the edge of realism and abstraction. Employing a variety of techniques, these artists depict familiar cityscapes in unique ways.