Design is in the Details

FEATURE - August 2014
By Debra Spark | Photography Irvin Serrano

Remarkable feats of craftsmanship in a Southport estate

Perched on a stone ledge above the ocean, the Coulombe home references Maine’s grand shingle-style “cottages,” but with unconventional details like mahogany trim, a vanishing-edge swimming pool, and stone-walled hot tub.

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Bar Harbor Beauty

By Sophie Nelson | Photography Nicole Wolf

The summery spirit of Mount Desert Island's beloved town at the edge of Acadia National Park 

A Schooner Margaret Todd sighting — or a cruise around the bay — is a quintessential Bar Harbor experience in the summertime.

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Home Floats

FEATURE - August 2014 
By Denise Dowling | Photography by Nicole Wolf

A floating off-the-grid cabin becomes a summer isle for one North Haven couple

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A New Nostalgia

FEATURE - August 2014
By Rebecca Falzano | Photography by Brian Vanden Brink

On the grounds of a former sleepaway camp, a lake house captures the feel of childhood summers

Cole designed a central cupola that brings cascading light down into the house via an open stairwell. The windows in the cupola are electric and can be opened from below so that on hot days, a convection current sucks the air up and out, like a natural air conditioner.

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Southport Secrets

By Sophie Nelson | Photography Nicole Wolf

The modest charms of an island off of Boothbay Harbor

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Room to Grow

FEATURE - July 2014
By Sarah Stebbins | Photography Trent Bell

A home for a family, and future generations, takes root on the southern coast

At sunset, rose and lavender rays bathe the home - and the diners on the screened-in porch - in a flattering glow. Landscape architect Todd Richardson of Saco conceived the curved beds that brim with rugosa rose, Abbotswood potentilla, Annabelle hydrangeas, and daylilies, and Chad Francis of Atlantic Landscape Construction in Ellsworth brought them to life.

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American Vernacular, American Contemporary

FEATURE - July 2014
By Debra Spark | Photography Francois Gagne

Maine cottages and traditional Capes inspire the design of a Harpswell home

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