MH+D Inside Out

Design shapes our homes and the way we live. The layout of a living room transforms the way a family interacts; quality materials help us breathe better, and an artful detail anchors us in the present moment and reminds us to appreciate beauty, wherever we can find it. Our homes represent our lives in the private sphere, what is purely ours, and who we think we are. We want them designed well, the way we have designed our lives. And we want the same for our communities, for our schools, offices, stores, and restaurants. But what drives good design? In MH+D Inside Out, Maine Home+Design interviews builders, architects, and interior designers from our community and gets inside some of the top minds in the industry. Read on for their stories, tips, and sources of inspiration.

Tim Gates on Grounding Design in Reality

Tim Gates has been building for a “long, long time.” As the owner of Bluewater Post & Beam, Tim Gates specializes in hardwood flooring and post-and-beam construction. Gates explains to Maine Home+Design how he navigates significant design challenges to meet … Continue reading

Sarah Steinberg on Spaces That Reflect Who We Are

Kitchen and bath designer Sarah Steinberg doesn’t believe in dead ends, not in life, and certainly not in design. Steinberg’s past mirrors her philosophy. At first she was driven toward the corporate world, but she upended her career to pursue … Continue reading

Bud Angst on Running a Business Like a Family

Bud Angst laughs that his clients are sometimes skeptical of a 25-year-old architectural designer. However, he adds, “They are willing to trust me, knowing that I’m backed by a company that’s been around for 40 years.” As a designer at … Continue reading