Styled by A.R.K.


Styled by A.R.K. is a design consultancy for the classic and curious home. Grounded in the principles of timeless style, we love curiosity and all the possibilities it can bring. Simply put, we want you to adore your home! Founded and led by Anne Kokoskie, Styled by A.R.K. has worked on homes in Chicago, New York, Connecticut, Maine, and Ohio.

As design and decor consultants, Styled by A.R.K. supports everything from blueprint space planning to creating beautiful rooms. Whether our services are in-person or virtual, we believe in a personalized approach aligning to your needs and lifestyle. Our goal is to bring to life an expression of who you are and how you live. Depending on what your needs and goals are, you can choose from our three tiers of service:

-Full Interior Design:

Known for creating spaces with timeless style and modern sensibilities, Styled by A.R.K. believes details make the difference. We work collaboratively with clients to create the best design to reflect their personality and lifestyle. Our design team has consulted on projects ranging from new construction, to reimagining the function and feel of a room. Each room should tell its own story, but still have a connection to the collective home! Our services include end-to-end management of material selection, procurement, budget, and installation, and each experience is customized to meet your needs.

-Virtual Interior Design:

The goal with virtual design it to make the process easy and accessible. We work together with clients to create optimal space planning and use an exchange of pictures and video calls for optimal outcomes. We equip our clients with floor plans, samples, and shopping lists, and even assist with placement of new arrivals so the experience is easy and enjoyable.

-The “Mini”:

Sometimes you just need a little help! What color should I paint this room? Where can I find a couch in this price point that will go with what I already have? How should the furniture be placed in my new home? What should stay? What should go? If you ever feel the need to “phone a designer”, The Mini is the service for you. Our team has helped new and experienced homeowners alike, and are just a phone call away.