Maine Stone Scapes

At Maine Stone Scapes, we value the opportunity to take prehistoric elements, using primitive tools, to create handcrafted designs that will last for generations to come: it is for this exact reason why we love our craft and why we do what we do. 

Dan, the company’s owner, has a long history working in construction and stone. His knowledge and problem solving skills began at 5-years old on construction sites with his dad, continuing to work with stone at age 14. Since graduating from Kennebunk High School and the University of Southern Maine, Dan has dedicated countless hours to his craft – learning throughout southern Maine, Vermont, and the United Kingdom. In addition, Dan, along with several members of his team, holds an international dry stone walling and instructing certification (DSWA of Great Britain). This continued education, along with retaining a core team of dedicated builders, is what allows us at Maine Stone Scapes to execute the highest level of quality stone work in the country.

Maine Stone Scapes offers services from dry stone walls that can last for 1000 years, to custom stone features – creating unique and transformative landscapes that evoke an experience beyond your home. 

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