Early New England Homes

Early New England Homes’ houses are fashioned after 18th Century homes that are found throughout New England. We strive to use sustainable materials and advocate economy of scale, designing living spaces that are practical and suited to the owners’ needs. Early New England Homes has engineered a unique timbered ceiling system that works with conventionally framed walls so you can have a home with today’s conveniences, with all the character of an old New England home. This complete home building system includes engineered plans, handmade materials and hardware that cannot be found at a local lumberyard.

Early New England Homes specializes in building authentic Cape Cod, Saltbox, Gambrel, and Colonial style homes. The designs are based on 250-year-old homes that still dot the New England landscape today. Early New England Homes works closely with local builders to recreate these beautiful styles — but with all the amenities of modern dream homes and customizable to fit each client’s unique needs.


26 West Street (RT 85)
Bolton, CT

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