Eerie Design Essentials for Spooky Season

Style Files, a curated collection of editors’ picks.

Late October is one of our favorite times of year for design. When else can you give your imagination free reign to develop a spooky-yet-sophisticated style for your decor? Read on for our roundup of bone-chilling picks to give your home a frighteningly chic look this season. 

SEA WITCH BOTANICALS | Quoth the Raven All-Natural Incense
Made from a sultry blend of orange, cinnamon, and clove essential oils, this incense will make you feel like reading ghost stories by flickering candlelight.
Photo: courtesy of Sea Witch Botanicals.

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You can finally experience the timeless beauty of a candle stick without getting wax everywhere! A gorgeous incandescent light, Wick is the ideal mood setter this season, making every cozy room cozier and every evening walk through the woods more ominous. 

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FLAVOR PAPER | Sharp Descent Wallpaper
If you want to set the seasonal tone in a big way, this wallpaper is for you: bold colors, strong graphics, and an overall creepy vibe courtesy of the silhouettes of potential murder weapons.

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A classic piece of stylish decor, the Eames House Bird has been gracing design-focused residences for over a century. If this figurine doesn’t make you want to start writing macabre poetry, we don’t know what will. 

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THE POST SUPPLY | Seaweed Twisted Candle
The perfect addition to any dining table, this beeswax candle releases a subtle aroma of green tea and honey while emanating a vaguely sinister atmosphere that Morticia Addams would approve of. 

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CAMPFIRE POTTERY | Charcoal Decanter
Handmade in Maine, this luxurious decanter features an elongated spout, organic looped handle, and holds an entire bottle of wine. While it is the perfect addition to a Halloween dinner party, it’s an asset to the table any time of the year, whether as a vessel or flower vase.
Photo: Meredith Brockington. 

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HANDIWORK | Maine Monster Mugs
Handmade in Portland by ceramicist and carpenter Tim McMahon, Maine monster mugs add a whimsical-if-creepy dose of fun to your morning coffee. 

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THE WILD ELECTRIC | Echoes the Night Print
Inspired by his travels, Maine artist and pyrographer Devin Mauch creates otherworldly burnt wood etchings that add a beautifully eerie atmosphere to any space. While the one-of-a-kind pieces are sold in monthly collections, select prints are available in either enhanced matte or cold press material. 

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RAGGED COAST CHOCOLATES | Halloween Chocolate Party Bundle
We firmly believe that you’re never too old to eat Halloween candy. Why not take it up a notch with these handmade chocolates to get into the spirit of the season in a sophisticated manner?

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GARRETT WADE | Pumpkin Carver Set
How many times has Halloween rolled around and you’ve been forced to buy cheap, plastic pumpkin carving tools because you misplaced the set from last year yet again? Put an end to the cycle with this carving set, complete with six interchangeable blades that fit into a hardwood handle, held in place by brass lockjaw fittings.

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