Letter from the Editor – April 2013

By Susan Grisanti, Editor-in-Chief | Photography C.A. Smith Photography

The universe is sending me a message. When I pick up something to read, attend a lecture, or have conversations with friends, I find myself bumping into the same idea: Loosen your grip on the quest for productivity. Let go of the reins, and turn away from fear. Play, experiment, create. And in this you will yield more.

I can hardly think of a better example of this idea in action than my friend, sculptor John Bisbee. No one works harder than he does, long days, seven days a week. But for John, his work is play that he dives into with childlike exuberance and seemingly fearless experimentation.

It is a challenging notion for me, yet I find that I am continually drawn into the work of the artists who embrace chance—the talented people who let go of self-consciousness and allow for unencumbered self-expression. The artists featured in this year’s “Double Feature” art story on page 85 exemplify this way of living in the creative moment. They push boundaries, expressing themselves through multiple media, shifting subject matters, or unconventional working styles. They are open to—and listen to—the subconscious magic of their gifts.

“My best work happens serendipitously, avoiding allegiance with dimension and material, and landing somewhere uncertain.”
—Anna Hepler

Through the work of the artists featured in this issue we present new ways of seeing and thinking beyond rigid parameters—holding so many mirrors up to our culture, and ourselves. And through their expression, these artists give us permission to play, experiment, and create something for ourselves—from within ourselves.

I sincerely hope that you find as much inspiration on these pages of our Sixth Annual Art Issue as we did while producing it.

Susan Grisanti
[email protected]

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