Dune Dream

Dune Dream


“We do a lot of work on dunes,” says architect Caleb Johnson. “Typically they’re about six to eight feet above the ocean. But this house sits about 35 feet above the ocean. It’s really a unique site.” Building on a sand dune (above) doesn’t come without its set of challenges. Construction above a certain decibel level was not allowed during piping plover nesting season, from April to September. The birds are an endangered species in Maine, and they nest along sandy beaches like Pine Point. “We adjusted our schedule so that construction didn’t disrupt them,” says Gott. Other wildlife made an appearance throughout the project as well: “Every day we would watch the sturgeon and striped bass out front or the clam diggers in the winter,” says Gott. “We even had a resident snowy owl that would come by every day and sit on the dune grass and check on us.” 

Exterior: Outdoor Living, Porch

Colors: Blue


  • Caleb Johnson Studio
  • Timber Island Builders

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