Beauty and the Beach Sitting

Beauty and the Beach


The attic on the third floor—a favorite hangout spot for the homeowners’ college-aged children—reveals the original condition of the walls. A Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams sectional in soft, navy suede fabric with contrasting cream welt is complemented by nautical pillows from Cricket Radio and an Asashan cashmere throw. The weathered copper ceiling fixture and accessories—a ship-balance toy, glass hurricane lamp, ceramic fish, and decorative tray—are all from Hurlbutt Designs. Throughout the house, the Neubergers kept several hand-painted motifs added by the previous family, like this one on an attic wall: a dragon with the Latin phrase “Cave! Dragonem!” which means “Beware of the dragon!”  

Interior: Sitting

Colors: Natural

Accent Colors: Green Purple


  • Bennett Young Construction

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