Maine Home+Design Albert Putnam structural engineer

Support Team

Architects in Maine & beyond rely on the engineering expertise of Albert Putnam Associates

Building a Strong Bond

For both Steve Brann Sr. and Steve Brann Jr., quality construction is a family value

Life's a Beach House | Jonathan Trudo | Maine Home+Design

Life’s a Beach House

For builder Jonathan Trudo, fine homes and happy clients are his legacy

Setting the Standard

For nearly 40 years, Russ Doucette has built homes- on his business -on a foundation of craftsmanship and customer service

Wild Nature

Keith Stone, founder of Pinnacle Landscape and Design, has discovered a simple way to pursue his various interests, from native plants to international travel

Quality Control

All of the homes at Schiavi Custom Builders are made within the four walls of a factory. This, as it turns out, is a very good thing. Owner Scott Stone describes the advantages—economic, environmental, and aesthetic—of using modular technology.

Stitched Together

When most couples get married, they receive traditional gifts: a toaster, nice plates, napkin rings, soft linen towels. Troy and Rebecca Delano were given many such useful presents, plus one more: the company that has been their passion for nearly … Continue reading

Family Values

For nine decades, Richard Moody and Sons has been building quality homes on the Maine coast. Josh, Jon, and Jason Moody share the secrets of their family’s longtime success.

Art for All

Susan Danly, former curator of the Portland Museum of Art, on the egalitarian appeal of work on paper

Limitless Creativity

University of Maine Museum of Art’s George Kinghorn is dedicated to putting The Burgeoning City of Bangor and its beloved museum on the map