Grounded & Grateful: Jack McInerny

Profiles - September 2015

by Sophie Nelson | Photography by Jessica Weiser

Jack McInerny of Atlantic Hardwoods is Portland’s wood flooring guru

 Jack McInerny in his element, surrounded by wood at the site of a potential new project. 

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From School to Studio: Matt Hutton

Profiles - September 2015

by Katy Kelleher | Photography Nicole Wolf

Drawing inspiration from the American Midwest and Japanese functionality, artist and MECA professor Matt Hutton finds himself at a pivotal moment

Artist, builder, and professor Matt Hutton sits in the door of his studio in Portland, which was designed by Boston-based firm Project_. 

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Igneous & Indigenous: Joshua Carle

Profiles - August 2015

by Katy Kelleher | Photography Nicole Wolf

Joshua Carle, president of Rockport Granite, finds balance and beauty in the native stones of the Maine coast

 Joshua Carle sits with his son, Preston, at the Rockport Granite quarry in York. 

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John Gawler

Profiles - August 2015

By Sophie Nelson | Photography Jessica Weiser

John Gawler of C.O. Beck & Sons on a life of love, music, and roofing

 John Gawler has been roofing since he moved to Maine at 17. He’s been playing folk music even longer than that. 

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Collaborative Craftsman: Nate Holyoke

Profiles - July 2015

By Sophie Nelson | Photography by Jessica Weiser

Nate Holyoke builds high-end homes, and a name for himself.

 Nate Holyoke on the family land where he grew up and where he continues to live and work among family.

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Practical Beauty: Larry Stoddard

Profiles - July 2015

By Katy Kelleher | Photography by Nicole Wolf

Larry Stoddard, owner of Distinctive Tile and Design, brings a Maine work ethic to the world of luxury home wares.

 Larry Stoddard learned how to set tile when he was 20 years old. Although he is now the owner of a successful retail business, he has never stopped performing the hands-on work of installation. It’s his passion—and his craft. 

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History in the Making: Tom Shafer

June 2015




Ten years ago, Tom Shafer was living in New York City and working on the floor
of the New York Stock Exchange. Now, he has a home in Millinocket and a warehouse filled with waterlogged wood. Change, he believes, is a good thing. 

Maine Heritage Timber’s Tom Shafer dredges a northern lake for lost logs, and turns the waterlogged trunks into beautiful home furnishings

Read more: History in the Making: Tom Shafer

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