Maine Home+Design | Justin Perry

Second Chances

Restoration expert Justin Perry gives old Maine homes new life.

Maine Home+Design Albert Putnam structural engineer

Support Team

Architects in Maine & beyond rely on the engineering expertise of Albert Putnam Associates

Building a Strong Bond

For both Steve Brann Sr. and Steve Brann Jr., quality construction is a family value

Life's a Beach House | Jonathan Trudo | Maine Home+Design

Life’s a Beach House

For builder Jonathan Trudo, fine homes and happy clients are his legacy

Setting the Standard

For nearly 40 years, Russ Doucette has built homes- on his business -on a foundation of craftsmanship and customer service

Wild Nature

Keith Stone, founder of Pinnacle Landscape and Design, has discovered a simple way to pursue his various interests, from native plants to international travel

Quality Control

All of the homes at Schiavi Custom Builders are made within the four walls of a factory. This, as it turns out, is a very good thing. Owner Scott Stone describes the advantages—economic, environmental, and aesthetic—of using modular technology.

Stitched Together

When most couples get married, they receive traditional gifts: a toaster, nice plates, napkin rings, soft linen towels. Troy and Rebecca Delano were given many such useful presents, plus one more: the company that has been their passion for nearly … Continue reading